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Diabetes Management

What is diabetes management?

Diabetes is a chronic disease that can lead to disabling and even deadly complications if it is not controlled. Controlling diabetes means keeping blood sugar levels and blood pressure levels near normal – every day over a lifetime. This is no easy task. 

Diabetes is complicated, yet most people with type 2 diabetes –the most common form of the disease – have not gotten the training they need to manage it well for their everyday life. There are several evidence-based self-management education programs available to help people with diabetes better manage their disease. These programs help put the patient in charge of day-to-day management, giving the clinical care team more time to focus on complex challenges that may arise with diabetes.  

Evidence-based programs

Managing diabetes can be overwhelming. People with diabetes need education and ongoing support in order to cope with their condition, make good self-care decisions, and adopt healthy lifestyles. These proven, evidence-based programs can help: