Quick Facts Heart Disease in Minnesota

Quick Facts
Heart Disease in Minnesota

How common is heart disease in Minnesota?

  • In 2016, 3.6% of adults in Minnesota reported ever having had a heart attack in their lifetime – over 150,000 people.1
  • More than 18% of all deaths in Minnesota are due to heart disease (7,823 deaths in 2016), making it the 2nd-leading cause of death in the state behind cancer.2
  • In 2016, Minnesotans experienced more than 45,000 acute heart disease hospitalizations.3
  • Every year from 2000 through 2016, Minnesota had the lowest overall heart disease mortality rate in the United States.4

Are there disparities in heart disease rates in Minnesota?

  • From 2012-2016, the heart disease death rate was 55% higher in American Indians compared to whites in Minnesota.2
  • Although stroke death rates are significantly higher in African Americans than whites in Minnesota, the difference between these groups in heart disease death rates is relatively small. This is very unusual, compared to significant disparities seen in heart disease between African Americans and whites across the nation. One reason for this may be because Minnesota has a large population of foreign-born African Americans, who have a lower rate of heart disease death due to heart disease than U.S.-born African Americans.
  • The lowest heart disease death rates in Minnesota are in Asians and Hispanics, with death rates 40% and 47% lower than whites, respectively.2

What is the economic cost of heart disease?

  • Minnesotans incurred almost $2 billion in charges for inpatient hospitalizations due to heart disease in 2013.3
  • In the United States, there were over $204.8 billion in annual heart disease-related medical costs, including procedures, hospitalizations, rehabilitation, and lost productivity due to mortality during 2013 and 2014.5

MN Public Health Data Access Portal – Heart Attacks in Minnesota

Health information on heart disease and its risk factors

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