Quick Facts Stroke in Minnesota

Quick Facts
Stroke in Minnesota

How common is stroke in Minnesota?

  • In 2014, approximately 2.2% of adults in Minnesota reported ever having had a stroke in their lifetime – more than 90,000 people.2
  • More than 5% of all deaths in Minnesota are due to stroke (2,172 deaths in 2014), making it the fifth-leading cause of death in the state.3
  • In 2014, Minnesotans experienced more than 12,000 hospitalizations for acute stroke events.4
  • In 2014, Minnesota was ranked 13th lowest for overall stroke mortality among states and the District of Columbia.5

Are there disparities in stroke rates in Minnesota?

  • From 2010-2014, the stroke death rate is 25% higher in African-Americans and 30% higher in Asians compared to whites.3
  • The lowest stroke death rates are in Hispanic men and women.3

What is the economic cost of stroke?

  • In Minnesota, total charges for inpatient hospitalizations due to stroke equaled $418 million in 2013.4
  • In the United States, there were over $33 billion in annual stroke-related medical costs, including procedures, hospitalizations, rehabilitation, and lost productivity due to mortality in 2011 and 2012.1

Health information on stroke and its risk factors

For more information, contact: Jim Peacock (651) 201-5405.

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