Drug overdose deaths among Minnesota residents, 2000-2015

Drug overdose deaths among Minnesota residents, 2000-2015

Drug overdose deaths among Minnesota residents, 2000-2015 (PDF)

While Minnesota is experiencing a tragic public health, drug overdose epidemic, we know that drug overdose and its consequences are preventable. This reports highlights overdose death data by various geographic and demographic variables, but we need to set our sights on all Minnesotans who are affected by drug overdose, and all communities where substance abuse leads to personal, family and community suffering.

Preventing inappropriate use of opioids, and reducing overall substance abuse, requires a public health approach. That means not only addressing how we manage pain, but also how we support communities and people in addressing the root causes of substance abuse, which go far beyond the individual person, specific substance or distinct community.

The section “Addressing the overdose epidemic” highlights some of the strategies the State is implementing. State agencies do play an important role in addressing the drug overdose epidemic; however, the solutions will require an ongoing response from multiple stakeholders including:

  • Federal and tribal governments
  • Local public health
  • Opioid prescribers
  • Medical, mental health, and substance abuse treatment systems
  • Patients, families and communities.

Mental health and substance abuse issues are often entangled with each other and the outcomes can range from mild to severe. People and their families who are struggling with substance abuse and/or mental health problems should know that hope, help and healing are available across a continuum of effective treatment and support services.

For more information on drug overdose deaths in Minnesota, contact Dana Farley, Dana.Farley@state.mn.us.