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Programs & Initiatives in Health Care
Minnesota Stroke System

A coordinated statewide system of care ensures all hospitals are equipped and ready to provide the best care possible for all Minnesotans. The Minnesota Stroke System was officially launched in April 2014. The Minnesota Department of Health partners with the American Heart Association, hospitals, EMS agencies, and many others to implement this coordinated system of care for Minnesota.

Hospital Designation

MN Statutes 2013 § 144.492-494 authorizes MDH to designate hospitals as Acute Stroke Ready Hospitals, Primary Stroke Centers (PSCs), and Comprehensive Stroke Centers (CSCs). As of July 1, 2017 MDH has designated 113 hospitals as stroke hospitals. Ninety-one percent of the state’s residents now live within 30 minutes of a designated stroke center.

Apply for designation

For questions about designation, please contact Michelle Gray Ansari at or Eileen White at


The Minnesota Stroke System changed its designation process from a quarterly application cycle to semi-annual application cycle. Stroke Hospital Designations continue to remain effective for three years. Please note the following changes:

Designation application deadlines

  • April 1 (Effective date July 1)
  • October 1 (Effective date January 1)

Hospitals with expiration dates on their certificates of March 31st or June 30th will be due in April. Hospitals with expiration dates of September 30th or December 31st will be due in October.

For any questions related to your facility’s designation deadline please contact the Minnesota Stroke Program at

Find a designated hospital

Training & Education

We host the annual statewide Minnesota Stroke Conference and Regional Stroke Workshops, and provide training grants to support continuing training and education opportunities for EMS providers and health care professionals on stroke.

Stroke Program Development

The Minnesota Stroke System aims to be a supportive, inclusive system of care. We work with hospitals and EMS agencies to raise their level of care and build their capacity. Our staff and partners provide technical assistance, we develop resources and tools, and offer grant support for quality improvement projects to hospitals and EMS services.


The MDH conducts evaluation on the system utilizing data collected by the Statewide Quality Reporting and Measurement System (SQRMS) and the Minnesota Stroke Registry. All designated PSCs and CSCs are required to participate in the statewide stroke registry. (MN Statutes 2013 § 144.493, Subd 1)

Planning and Monitoring

The Minnesota Stroke Council Executive Committee advises MDH and monitors progress of the system.

For more information, email: or call:  (651) 201-4095.

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