Programs and Initiatives in Schools - Asthma Mini-Grants

Programs & Initiatives in Schools
Asthma Friendly Schools Mini-Grant Program

G: Build Your Own Asthma Project

School personnel and their partners will ‘Build Your Own’ school and community focused asthma program. Applicants can collaborate with community and/or clinical partners to design, develop, implement and sustain a program that meets the needs of children and families in your community.

  1. School personnel and their partners will collaborate to design and deliver an asthma program that meets the needs of their school and community. Applicants will provide a detailed outline of project components (who, where, why, when, how), implementation plans, budget needs and a sustainability plan. Plans will need to be reviewed and approved by MDH staff prior to application submission.

Please contact Susan Ross to discuss your project ideas. or 651-201-5629. Technical review and discussion with MDH Asthma Program staff specific to your project area is required as part of this option.

Project Resources