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Funded by Medtronic Philanthropy, HealthRise is a five-year program to contribute to the World Health Organization’s goal to reduce premature death associated with non-communicable diseases (NCDs), like diabetes and cardiovascular disease, by 25% by 2025. The program funds community-based projects in India, the United States, South Africa and Brazil. These demonstration projects empower patients, strengthen caregivers and frontline health workers, and advance policies to increase the detection, management and control of cardiovascular disease and diabetes for underserved populations. Ultimately, these efforts will allow these people to make lasting changes to manage their condition.

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Public private partnership

MDH advances statewide systems and environments that help to reduce the impact of cardiovascular disease and diabetes for all Minnesotans. This work focuses on the full continuum of care from prevention to acute treatment and disease management, and is done in collaboration with a wide variety of partners across the state.

MDH is partnering with Medtronic Philanthropy on the HealthRise U.S. Program, supporting three, three-year community-based demonstration projects in Ramsey, Hennepin and Rice Counties. HealthRise selected these communities in part based on MDH’s statewide data analysis on disparities, and the burden of cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

This work aligns closely with MDH’s Community Wellness Grant, which supports four Community Health Boards in creative approaches to prevent and better manage obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and stroke, especially for those with the greatest health needs. The Community Wellness Grant is funded through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

HealthRise U.S. and MDH will share best practices and key performance measures between these complementary projects, aligning evaluation where possible. In addition, we expect to identify initiatives that address disparities, have great reach, achieve excellent outcomes and are sustainable. These products can then serve as model practices for other states and countries.

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HealthRise U.S. Country Advisory Committee

MDH plays an additional role with HealthRise. Stan Shanedling, supervisor of the Cardiovascular Health Unit, is a co-chair of the U.S. Country Advisory Committee. On this committee, he will share the Minnesota work with representatives from other countries, and those representatives will share theirs in return, creating a collaborative learning environment.

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To learn more about the public private partnership between MDH and the Medtronic Foundation, contact Stan Shanedling at or 651-201-5408.