Partnerships – Diabetes Prevention Network

Minnesota Diabetes Prevention Network
(2016 – ongoing)


The mission of the Minnesota Diabetes Prevention Network is to prevent or delay new cases of type 2 diabetes from developing among Minnesotans who have prediabetes or are otherwise at high-risk.


The purpose of the Minnesota Diabetes Prevention Network is to implement strategies specific to the National Diabetes Prevention Program that will improve implementation of benefits coverage and help to expand the Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) delivery system to accommodate growing demand.


The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) convenes the Minnesota Diabetes Prevention Network, a voluntary organization of prediabetes and diabetes stakeholders from many different sectors. The Minnesota Diabetes Prevention Network combines the best attributes of the Minnesota Diabetes Steering Committee and the Minnesota Diabetes Collective Impact Initiative, which were both sunset in 2016 and allowed for creation of this group.

Working groups and planning committees

The Minnesota Diabetes Prevention Network has three different levels as depicted below:

The Network

The Network includes diabetes prevention stakeholders across the state. Network members may be engaged at all levels of the work described below or they may choose to simply share information and keep current on DPP-related work across the state through emails, webinars and conferences.

Advisory Committee

MDH will lead the work with input from an Advisory Committee of key stakeholders including diabetes and diabetes prevention experts, as well as representatives from worksites, not-for-profit organizations, government agencies, community-service associations, DPP providers and health systems. The Advisory Council will meet in early 2017 and will shape workgroups made up of interested stakeholders to address each focus area. 


Workgroups focused on one of three strategic implementation topics will coordinate efforts of stakeholders statewide in the areas of:

  • Payment system
  • DPP delivery system,
  • Evaluation of collaborative efforts.

Workgroups will be open to all network members.


All levels of participation are welcome. Participation in the Network and Workgroups is open to everyone.  Advisory Committee positions are filled after review by MDH staff and current Advisory Committee members when current terms are due to expire.

To indicate your interest in joining the network, please sign-up at Building Minnesota’s Diabetes Prevention System.   


Each component of the Minnesota Diabetes Prevention Network meets regularly, but with varying frequency.

  • Advisory Committee – every 1 to 3 months to review strategic direction and plan. 
  • Workgroups – as determined by workgroup co-chairs. We envision that most workgroups will meet on average every 4-6 weeks.
  • The Network – is convened annually in a conference format. Throughout the year emails, webinars and other opportunities provide opportunities for networking and learning. 

For more information about the Minnesota Diabetes Prevention Network, please contact