Partnerships – Minnesota Stroke Council

The Minnesota Department of Health will start convening The Minnesota Stroke Council, a voluntary organization of stroke professionals, in November of 2016. The Council was formed out of the Minnesota Stroke Partnership, which sunsetted in 2014.

Executive Committee

The Council’s Executive Committee will advise MDH on statewide stroke initiatives, including the Minnesota Stroke System and the Minnesota Stroke Registry.

The Minnesota Stroke Systemis a statewide initiative that designates hospitals that meet the criteria for a Comprehensive Stroke Center, Primary Stroke Center or Acute Stroke Ready Hospital.

The Minnesota Stroke Registry is a quality improvement program that offers a free web-based data collection tool, regional educational workshops, learning collaboratives and assistance to help hospitals become acute stroke-ready.
This group will meet twice a year for two-hours.

Working groups and planning committees

The Stroke Council will also form working groups and planning committees that meet on an as-needed basis. The members will determine meeting dates and time commitments to meet the needs of the project.

  • Minnesota Stroke System Designation Review Committee
  • Minnesota Stroke Conference Planning Committee
  • Minnesota Stroke Program Regional Workshops Planning Committee

Other committees could include Public Awareness, EMS/Pre-Hospital Care, Emergency/Hospital Care and Transitions of Care.


Members of the stroke council have the opportunity to drive policy, advise MDH on resource allocation and activity selection. The council also fosters relationships with others in the stroke community, it’s an opportunity to be significant part of systems improvements for stroke care in the state.
Council members represent stroke professionals from across the field and throughout Minnesota including:

  • Stroke neurologists
  • Emergency physicians
  • Emergency nurses
  • Stroke coordinators
  • Stroke advocacy and support organization staff

For more information or to join the Minnesota Stroke Council, please contact