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Healthy Minnesota 2020: Chronic Disease & Injury


Chronic diseases and injury are among the most common and prevalent health problems facing Minnesotans today. While public health has made great strides in fighting communicable diseases, chronic diseases and injury have emerged as a far greater threat to the overall health and well-being of people in Minnesota. They are among the leading causes of death and years of potential life lost in Minnesota, and they also contribute significantly to long-term disability and poor quality of life. Chronic diseases affect large numbers of adults in Minnesota and the number of adults who experience more than one chronic condition is growing.

Healthy Minnesota 2020: Chronic Disease & Injury state plan cover linked to full documentIn 2010, chronic diseases accounted for the seven leading causes of death in Minnesota. They also exacted a substantial toll on the health of the population by shortening life. Years of potential life lost (YPLL) is a summary measure of premature mortality. In 2010, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, stroke and unintentional injury accounted for 57% of all years of potential life lost in Minnesota.

Healthy Minnesota 2020: Chronic Disease & Injury (PDF) is an integrated framework for the prevention and management of chronic disease and injury. It capitalizes on the reality that multiple chronic conditions share common risk factors and risky health behaviors. Many chronic diseases also share methods and best practices for managing ongoing conditions and preventing disease progression while minimizing disability. It also provides an opportunity to address the challenge of multi-morbidity.

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The goals for this chronic disease framework are intended to be broad and visionary, offering an aspiration for the future of health in Minnesota. They touch on how people live, the care they receive and what they know and they frame our statewide objectives.

  • People in Minnesota have the knowledge and skills they need to live the healthiest lives possible
  • People in Minnesota live, learn, work and play in safe and healthy environments
  • People in Minnesota at risk for or who live with chronic diseases receive the right care in the right place at the right time
  • People in Minnesota have access to information about the burden of chronic diseases and injury, their associated risk factors, and best practices to address them.

Moving ahead: Using this framework

No single organization can accomplish the goals and objectives set forth in this framework. But every organization or entity whose mission entails improving the health of Minnesotans should be able to see itself somewhere in this framework.

  • If you are a local public health agency you can work with local planners to increase the walkability and bike-ability of your community
  • If you are a health system you can incorporate disease management tools, templates and prompts into your electronic health record
  • If you are a healthcare provider, you can refer your patients with chronic diseases to behavior change and self-care management education programs in the community
  • If you are an employer you can help connect your employees who smoke to quitline services
  • If you are a school system you can purchase and serve locally grown and healthy foods for your school lunch program
  • If you are a social service agency you can participate in the development of a community care team with your local hospital or clinic
  • If you are a community-based organization you can help connect your clients with community-based prevention and self-management resources
  • Anyone can educate policymakers and planners about the importance of chronic disease prevention and management