Health Improvement Trainings & Conferences

Health Improvement
Trainings & Conferences

6/15/2018 – Becoming an Asthma Educator and Care Manager

Becoming an Asthma Educator and Care Manager is a training workshop for Minnesota licensed school nurses (LSN) and public health nurses (PHN) who manage or work in the school health office or serve the community. The course aims to teach nurses to holistically approach the care and education of children who have asthma and their families who support them.

Past trainings & conferences

9/13 to 9/14/2016 – Building Minnesota's Diabetes Prevention System: Engagement and Planning Meeting

The MDH Diabetes Unit, in partnership with the Minnesota Diabetes Collective Impact Executive Team and the National Association of Chronic Disease Directors, held a diabetes prevention state engagement and planning meeting to learn about national and state action to expand access to the DPP.

2/16/2017 – Stroke Education Webinar

The Cardiovascular Health Unit is pleased to announce a stroke education webinar: Emergency Stroke Care in the Rural ED. This webinar will help Acute Stroke Ready Hospitals meet their stroke education requirements for designation. Hospitals are encouraged to invite their ED nursing staff and those on the Acute Stroke Team.

6/15 to 6/16/2017 – Minnesota Stroke and Cardiac Emergencies Conference

2017 Minnesota Stroke and Cardiac Emergencies Conference is an annual conference to educate health care professionals on the latest developments in stroke, STEMI, sudden cardiac arrest and other cardiovascular conditions.

6/27 to 6/28/2017 – Campus Sexual Violence Prevention Summit

The Minnesota Campus Sexual Violence Prevention Summit where we will build best practices and create a shared community that will make a commitment to effectively prevent sexual violence, dating violence, sexual harassment and stalking.

8/3/2017 – Oral Health Summit II - 21st Century Dental Team

At the Oral Health Summit II event, participants will learn about the Minnesota 21st Century Dental Team, explore the interconnected medical/dental team, contrast practice in community settings to traditional private practice and consider practice through a health equity lens.

10/26 to 10/27/2017 – Many Faces of Community Health Conference

Many Faces of Community Health is an annual two-day conference that explores improving care and reducing health disparities in under-served populations and among those living in poverty. This year's conference will take place at the Hyatt Regency in Bloomington.

10/26 to 10/27/2017 Toward Zero Deaths Conference

2017 Toward Zero Deaths Conference will provide a forum to share information on best practices in the areas of engineering, enforcement, education, and emergency medial and trauma services, and to identify new approaches for reducing the number of fatalities and life-changing injuries on Minnesota roads.

2/27 to 3/1/2018 Zero Suicide Academy®

Winter 2018 Zero Suicide Academy® is a two-day training for senior leaders of health and behavioral health care organizations working towards reducing suicide among patients. Participants learn how to use best practices within their organization, and processes to improve care and safety.