Who We Are – Comprehensive Cancer Control Program

Who We Are
Comprehensive Cancer Control Program

Comprehensive cancer control (CCC) is a collaborative process through which a community and its partners pool resources to reduce the burden of cancer. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC)support cancer control programs in 50 states, the District of Columbia, seven tribes and tribal organizations, and seven U.S. Associated Pacific Islands/territories.

Minnesota’s Comprehensive Cancer Control Program was established in 2002 when the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) received funding from the CDC. Continued CDC funding has enabled MDH to continue to strengthen comprehensive cancer control efforts in Minnesota.  The CCC program plans and implements an integrated and coordinated approach addressing the continuum of cancer control from prevention and detection to treatment, survivorship, and end of life care.

In 2005 the Minnesota comprehensive cancer control team created the Minnesota Cancer Alliance to serve as the coordinating body for the implementation of goals and objectives in Cancer Plan Minnesota. Each five year plan entitled Cancer Plan Minnesota: A Framework for Action for policymakers, planners, providers, and advocates contains measurable objectives and focuses the members of the Minnesota Cancer Alliance in their work to reduce the cancer burden among all Minnesotans. The Comprehensive Cancer Control program provides staff support for the Minnesota Cancer Alliance.