Gary/New Duluth Small Area Plan HIA

map of Gary/New Duluth

Between June 2013 and 2014, MDH facilitated a health impact assessment (HIA) on the Gary/New Duluth Small Area Plan (SAP) in collaboration with Duluth city staff and a Technical Advisory Committee made up of community members and representatives from St. Louis County Public Health, Arrowhead Area Agency on Aging, Parks and Recreation, Metropolitan Interstate Council, and St. Luke’s Hospital. The SAP builds upon the goals, policies and implementation strategies in the comprehensive plan and provides a finer level of detail. The SAP included recommendations for residential and commercial development, natural environment, transportation, and parks and recreation.

The purpose of the HIA was to explore how the SAP could impact the community's health, positively and negatively, and make recommendations to the SAP to promote positive impacts and reduce negative impacts. The HIA specifically focused on impacts to social cohesion, physical activity, and access to healthy food.

On June 23, 2014, the Duluth City Council approved the Gary/New Duluth SAP and HIA. Links to the final documents are included below.

The Gary/New Duluth Small Area Plan HIA was supported by a grant from the Health Impact Project, a collaboration of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and The Pew Charitable Trusts.

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