Centers for Health Equity and Community Health - Minnesota Dept. of Health

Centers for Health Equity and Community Health

We are a part of the executive office of the Minnesota Department of Health and are comprised of four centers, described below. While our expertise and the audiences we serve vary, we work together to integrate health equity into the day-to-day work of the department and community.

  • Organizational Chart: Centers for Health Equity and Community Health 

  • Center for Emergency Preparedness & Response
    Implements emergency planning, response and recovery activities to protect the health of Minnesotans, while supporting the readiness of state, local and tribal health departments, the health care system and other partners.

  • Center for Health Equity
    Strives to be a link to Minnesota’s diverse communities and a hub for organizing and promoting work to reduce health inequities and advance health equity in our state.

  • Center for Health Statistics
    Collects and analyzes data to better understand health issues and inform public health policy decisions in Minnesota, while also designing and implementing surveys, coordinating data collection efforts, and providing technical assistance to partners at the local level, responding to data requests, and administering an Institutional Review Board (IRB). 

  • Center for Public Health Practice Section
    Ensures that Minnesota’s state, local and tribal public health system is strong, coordinated and equipped to carry out public health responsibilities.

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