Centers for Health Equity and Community Health - Minnesota Dept. of Health

Centers for Health Equity and Community Health

The MDH Centers for Health Equity and Community Health (CHECH) is comprised of four Centers and the Director’s Office, which provides leadership, coordination, budget, administrative and communications support. CHECH works across MDH and with many community partners to contribute to MDH’s vision of “all communities thriving” by:

  • Supporting Minnesota’s local public health system;
  • Ensuring that MDH and all communities are “ready to respond” to public health emergencies;
  • Serving as a source of health statistics;
  • Working to advance health equity and support community-based grantees; and providing consultation within MDH and to partners on crosscutting skills, like quality improvement, community engagement, strategic planning, incident management, and integrating health equity.

Organizational Chart: Centers for Health Equity and Community Health 

Learn more about each of our Centers below, or read the CHECH Fact Sheet (PDF) for a summary of the services we provide.

  • Center for Emergency Preparedness & Response

    Team members implement emergency response and recovery activities to protect people’s health, while also increasing the readiness of state, local and tribal health departments, working with the healthcare system and other partners.

  • Center for Health Equity

    Team members serve as a link to Minnesota’s diverse communities and a hub for organizing and promoting work to advance health equity in our state.

  • Center for Health Statistics

    Team members collect, analyze and share data to better understand health issues and inform public health policy decisions in Minnesota.

  • Center for Public Health Practice

    Team members ensure that Minnesota’s state, local and tribal public health system is strong, coordinated and equipped to carry out public health responsibilities.

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