Health Partnerships Division (HPart) - Minnesota Dept. of Health

Health Partnerships Division (HPart)

The Health Partnerships Division contributes to MDH’s vision of “all communities thriving” by supporting Minnesota’s local public health system and ensuring that all communities are “ready to respond” to public health emergencies. We also offer planning, facilitation, and coaching to other programs within MDH on competencies, like quality improvement, community engagement and incident management.

The Health Partnerships Division (HPart) is comprised of the Public Health Practice Section (PHP) and Emergency Preparedness and Response (EPR), which includes the Public Health Emergency Preparedness and the Healthcare Preparedness Response Sections.

  • Public Health Practice Section
    PHP team members work to make sure that Minnesota’s state, local and tribal public health system is strong, coordinated and equipped to carry out public health responsibilities.

  • Emergency Preparedness & Response
    EPR team members implement emergency response and recovery activities to protect people’s health, while also increasing the readiness of state, local and tribal health departments, working with the health care system and other partners.

  • HPart Org Chart
    Chart showing the structure of the division, as well as lists showing current personnel. 

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