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Centers for Health Equity and Community Health Organizational Chart

updated 07/13/2018

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Director: Deb Burns

  • Allison Thrash, Communications Coordinator
  • Dee Finley, Governance & Administration

Assistant Division Director: LuAnne McNichols

  • Liz Arita, OASP
  • E. L. Ashley, Grants Manager
  • Kara Cornils, Management Analyst, Fiscal Team Lead

Center for Health Equity

Director: Bruce Thao
Assistant Director: Sara Chute

Financial & Admin

  • Darwin Flores-Trujillo, Health Equity Analyst
  • Christy Nguyen, OASP


  • Bridget Roby, Grants Manager
  • Mohamed Hassan, Grants Manager


  • Mia Robillos, Research Scientist


  • Helen Jackson Locket-El, Community Engagement Planner
  • Shor Salkas, Health Equity Planner

BRFSS Director

  • Nagi Salem

Center for Health Statistics

Director: Daniel Fernandez-Baca

Vital Statistics/County Health Tables

  • Pamela Jo Johnson, Sr. Research Scientist
  • Judy Palermo, Research Analyst Specialist

MN Student Survey/Local Surveys/HEDA

  • Ann Kinney, Sr. Research Scientist

Institutional Review Board/Youth Tobacco Survey

  • Sharrilyn Evered, IRB Administrator, Sr. Research Scientist
  • Robyn Hunter, IRB Coordinator, OAS Sr.

Center for Emergency Preparedness and Response

Director: Cheryl Petersen-Kroeber

  • Kayoua Khang Moua, OASP
  • Mickey Scullard, Cross-Center Coordinator
  • Whitney Koester, Cross-Center Grants Coordinator

Public Health Emergency Preparedness (PHEP)

Manager: Deb Radi

  • Business Continuity
    • Chad Ostlund, Coordinator
  • Behavioral Health
    • Nancy Carlson, Planner
  • Education & Exercises
    • Janice Maine, Planner
    • Candice McCardle, CDC Field Assignee
  • Medical Countermeasures
    • Emily Ward, SNS/MCM Team Lead
    • Rachel Schulman, Cities Readiness Initiative Coordinator
    • Vacant, Planner
  • Plans
    • Vacant, Planner
  • Inventory Tactical Communications
    • Bill Schmidt, Planner

Regional Public Health Preparedness Consultants

Supervisor: Sandra Hanson

    • Amy Smith (South Central)
    • Barbara Lundgren (Metro)
    • Geri Maki (South East)
    • Julie Johnson (South West)
    • Karen Moser (West Central)
    • Marilyn Cluka (Northeast)
    • Sue Grafstrom (Northwest)
    • Vacant (Central)

Health Care Preparedness (HPP)

Manager: Judy Seaberg

  • Healthcare Preparedness
    • Angie Koch, Team Lead
    • Emily Moilanen, Planner
  • Medical Surge
    • Alexandra Waterman, Medical Surge Coordinator, Team Lead
    • Greg Wocken, Planner
    • John Urbach, EMS Coordinator
    • Alvine Laure Ekame. Planner
  • Partners Communications
    • Toby McAdams, Management Analyst

Center for Public Health Practice

Director: Chelsie Huntley

Capacity Development Unit (Public Health Nurse Consultants)

For information on the geographic coverage of the PHNCs please visit the Public Health Practice site.

Coordinator: Linda Bauck-Todd

    • Julia Ashley
    • Kristin Erickson
    • Wendy Kvale
    • Janelle Nelson
    • Mary Orban

Planning & Communications Unit

Supervisor: Becky Sechrist

    • Communications
      • Allison Hawley-March, Planner
    • Assessment and Planning
      • Ann March, Planner
    • Research
      • Kerri Sawyer, Research Scientist
    • SCHSAC
      • Becky Buhler, Planner
    • Workgroups
      • Phyllis Brashler, Planner
    • Quality Improvement Consultation
      • Megan Drake-Pereyra, Planner
      • Susan Brace-Adkins, Planner

Community Engagement Unit

Supervisor: Jeannette Raymond

    • Dorothy Bliss, Planner
    • Marisol Chiclana-Ayala, Community Engagment Specialst
    • Sida Ly-Xiong, Community Engagment Specialst

MDH Performance Improvement

    • Stephanie Lenartz, Coordinator

Public Health System Data & Research

    • Kim Gearin, Team Lead, Sr. Research Scientist
    • Beth Gyllstrom, Sr. Research Scientist

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