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Team work Twin Cities CDSMP Consortium Resources and Links

TC Consortium Resources

Twin Cities CDSMP Consortium Charter
(PDF: 74KB/2 Pages)

Twin Cities CDSMP Consortium Guidelines for Offering Workshops Across Organizations and Licenses
(PDF: 17KB/ 4 Pages)

Consortium Member Resources

Living in Balance Agency Commitment
(PDF: 47KB/ 2 Pages)


Stanford University, Patient Education in the Department of Medicine (Attention: Non-MDH link)

The National Council on the Aging, Center for Healthy Aging (Attention: Non-MDH link)

Minnesota Healthy Aging Programs (Attention: Non-MDH link)



CDSMP Implementation Guides

Standford Implementation Guide (PDF: 108KB/ 31 Pages)

Florida Implementation Guidelines (PDF: 724KB/ 14 Pages)

Maine Practice Guidelines (PDF: 9MB/ 34 Pages)

Michigan Replication Report (PDF: 213KB/ 31 Pages)

New Jersey Guidance Manual (PDF: 60KB/ 9 Pages)



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