Team work Twin Cities CDSMP Consortium Meeting Information

The consortium meets on a monthly basis to coordinate the efforts of member organizations in the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area of Minneapolis/St. Paul. Topics discussed include leader training, program promotion, participant recruitment, monitoring program fidelity and working towards to greater goals identified by the group.


Next Meeting:

Monday, October 11, 2010
8:30-11:30 a.m. at Snelling Office Park


Meeting Minutes

10.11.2010 (PDF: 30KB/4 Pages)

09.08.2010 (PDF: 32KB/4 Pages)


05.11.2010 (PDF: 104KB/3 Pages)


03.24.2010 (PDF: 55KB/5 Pages)


02.03.2010 (PDF: 88KB/5 Pages)


11.13.2009 (PDF: 59KB/2 Pages)


10.5.2009 (PDF: 18KB/2 Pages)


07.27.2009 (PDF: 28KB/3 Pages)


06.18.2009 (PDF: 24KB/2 Pages)



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