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Minnesota's Breast and Cervical Cancer Treatment Program (MABC)

Medicaid Treatment Option

The Breast and Cervical Cancer Treatment Option, provides Medical Assistance coverage (MA-BC) to uninsured women enrolled in the Sage Screening Program who are in need of treatment services. This program will cover all the costs for medical treatment for as long as the woman might need treatment.

To be eligible for MA-BC a woman must:

  • have been screened through the Sage Screening Program
  • need treatment for breast cancer, cervical cancer, or a precancerous cervical condition
  • have no insurance coverage for treatment
  • be under age 65
  • be a Minnesota resident
  • be a US citizen or have a legal immigration status

To apply for MA-BC, a woman needs an MA-BC application (available from the county Social Services MA-BC contact) and a copy of her Sage visit form (available from the clinic where she enrolled in Sage).

MA-BC Application (PDF: 567KB/12 pages)

County Worker Contacts for MA-BC (PDF)

On-line training slideshow on MA-BC (PowerPoint)

For more information on MA-BC, contact a Sage Coordinator or your county MA-BC contact.


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