Program Training for Providers of Services under the Sage Screening Program

The following training programs are intended for the clinics, hospitals, or labs that work with the Sage Screening Program. They can be used to familiarize staff with the program and its procedures. Accessing the files below may require a high-speed internet connection or specific software, but all training for the Sage Screening Program can be obtained in-person at your facility by contacting a Regional Coordinator.

*You must have Microsoft Powerpoint installed on your computer to operate PowerPoint slideshows and may need to adjust your browser's tools to handle these files.

"Sage Program Training" (PowerPoint: 3MB/12 slides) - updated 2013
Understanding the procedures for providing services under the Sage Screening Program

"Billing the Sage Screening Program" (PowerPoint: 753KB/23 slides) - updated 7/8/2010
Procedures for billing and remittance under the Sage Screening Program

"Medical Assistance for Women with Breast or Cervical Cancer" (PowerPoint: 1MB/26 slides) - updated 10/20/2009
MA-BC: procedures for coverage under the MN Treatment Act

"Sage Case Management" (PowerPoint: 2MB/51 slides) - 2.0 CEUs
Procedures for providing Case Management services under the Sage Screening Program

Sage Screening Program Provider Manual (PDF: 2MB/34 pages)

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