Asthma Action Plan


interactive Asthma Action Plan (iAAP)

ATTENTION: All three versions of the interactive Asthma Action Plan (iAAP) are temporarily unavailable for downloading, however you can access information in the beige MAIN MENU drop down box shown below.

For more information, contact Susan Ross at or 651-201-5629.

interactive Asthma Action Plan for medical professionals at

Asthma Action Plans for individuals and families
Using an action plan takes the guesswork out of treating asthma episodes. The action plan will outline how to manage your asthma without always going to your health care provider or the hospital. Using an action plan created just for you may also help you maintain your activities without suffering an increase in asthma symptoms. Asthma Action Plans for individuals and families.

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  • Download a sample of Consent to Share Asthma Action Plan and Information about My Childs Asthma:


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