Asthma Action Plan

Asthma Action Plan

Asthma Action Plans (AAPs) are written, individualized self-management and educational tools that provide daily and emergency guidance to asthma patients, parents, and caregivers at home, at school, the workplace and community settings. Using an action plan takes the guesswork out of treating asthma episodes.

Health Care: Provide indivdualized written asthma action plans that meet patients' needs and coordinate their use within the home, school, and other community settings.

Home: People with asthma and their caregivers understand how to use their asthma action plan to guide self-management of their asthma daily.

Schools: A student-specific guide for school staff with current information about daily asthma management, prescribed medications and how to respond to an asthma attack. Every student with asthma should have a AAP on file in the school health office.

Community: A guide for staff in community organizations to help people participate safely in community activities.

Asthma Action Plans - Child and Adult

Downloadable in both English and Spanish

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