Asthma Inhaler Law Overview
Asthma Inhaler Law Overview
Effective August 1, 2001

Minnesota Statutes 2001, Section 121A.22

Asthma is a disease of the respiratory system. An asthma episode occurs when people who have asthma experience trouble breathing. Allergies, infections, exercise; changes in temperature and smoke can cause an asthma episode. During an episode, the muscles around the airways tighten and the lining inside the airways swell and become clogged with thick mucous, making it difficult to breathe.

The Minnesota legislature enacted language during the 2001 session that allows public elementary and secondary school students to possess and use inhalers prescribed for asthma or reactive airway disease. The following provides an overview of the requirements that must be met before a student is given permission to carry and self-medicate asthma medication in school:

  1. The parent has not requested that school personnel administer the student's asthma medication; and

  2. The school district receives annual written authorization from the student's parent for the student to self-administer; and

  3. The inhaler is properly labeled for that student; and

  4. The school nurse or other appropriate party assesses the student's knowledge and skills to safely possess and use his/her inhaler in a school setting and enters a plan to implement safe possession and use of the inhaler into the student's school health record; or for schools without a school nurse or nursing services, the student's parent or guardian submits written verification from the student's physician documenting that the physician has assessed the student's knowledge and skills to safely possess and use his/her inhaler in a school setting.

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