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Learn About Buster's Asthma!

When Buster has trouble breathing while playing with Arthur he learns he has asthma. When his friends start treating him differently Buster finally decides to tell a story about having asthma and what he does to stop it. His friends understand and start treating him the same as before.

Learn About Buster's Asthma Triggers

Learn about what triggers cause asthma and catch all the asthma triggers you can!

Air Quality Index for Kids
Environmental Protection Agency: Air Quality Index for KIDS!
English or Spanish/En Español

Play games that teach you about how the air you breath makes a difference how you feel! Lots of information describing what "AQI" is and how you can help protect the air we all breathe! Follow the links to find out what the air quality is in your own state!

A Is for Asthma
A Is for Asthma!
A es para asma!
In English or Spanish/En Español

Hey kids! Watch this fun video as Elmo and Rosita learn and understand how to help their friends who have trouble breathing from asthma. Learn about what triggers asthma, what you can do to prevent asthma, and how to coordinate an action plan with your doctor, school, caregivers, family and friends.

kidshealthKids Health Asthma Center

The Kids Health Asthma Center offers information for kids and a free video on what happens during an Asthma flare-up how asthma affects your lungs and what you can do to live healthy with asthma. There's a lot of great asthma information on this website made just for you!

Kids Health in Spanish!
Canadian Asthma Society

This link is to our Canadian friends to the north for free fun, interactive games to play. YOU become a special “Asthma Agent”, searching for clues about asthma.  “You're about to be handed your very own Asthma Agent case file. This file contains the four cases you'll need to solve in order to unravel the mysteries of asthma. Sounds simple, huh? Well, be careful agent, because it's not quite as simple as it may sound. Some of these cases are tough ones to crack. And trickier still: Some of these cases have case files of their own! Open one case, and you'll find a whole new batch of cases to solve”.

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