Asthma Friendly Schools Mini-Grant Program

Asthma Friendly Schools Mini-Grant Program

The Minnesota Asthma Friendly Schools Mini-Grant Program was developed by the Minnesota Asthma Program to support schools in working to create asthma friendly schools.  We thank the American Lung Association in Minnesota for their financial and programmatic support.

Grant money is available to implement a variety of school-based projects.  Grants of up to $1500 can be used to implement one or more of the options listed below in the Project Choice section.  Projects may be implemented in one or more schools or district-wide, in elementary, middle and high schools throughout Minnesota. Funding is available for public, tribal, charter, and private schools.

Attention: The Grant application process for 2017-2018 is still being finalized. Please check back for future information and updates.

Mini-Grant funding has been available since June 2016, and will continue through June 30, 2017. Grant applications will be reviewed as they are received. MDH Staff will notify the applicant as soon as possible about funding for your project. Applications will receive funding as long as money is available within the application period.

For this grant cycle:

  • Applications need to be submitted by June 30, 2017.
  • Projects need to be completed by August 31, 2017
  • We are asking applicants to define their project timeline. We expect that many projects will be completed before the August 31, 2017 deadline.
  • Applicants who have completed their projects and submitted their project Outcomes Report Form may apply for another mini-grant for another project choice within this application period.

Project Choice

There are six project areas with a variety of project options included in the project areas. The information below describes each of the project areas and the project choices within each area. You can apply to complete a single project or choose to do more than one project choice at a time. You can also choose projects from more than one project area. You will indicate your project choices on the mini-grant application form.

The Project Documents you will need to complete are included with the project descriptions. All of the project choices have an associated Outcomes Report Form that you will need to submit at the completion of your project. Be sure to review the Outcomes Report Form as you design your project so that you are familiar with the type of information that will be needed to complete the report.

The project descriptions also include links to additional resources that may be useful in completing your projects.

If you have questions about the projects or the Outcomes Reports contact Susan Ross at Susan will work with other Asthma Program staff to answer your questions and provide technical assistance as needed.

  1. Asthma Data Projects
    This option provides an opportunity to complete an asthma data project involving the school health office’s data management system. Funds may be used to secure IT assistance to complete the project.

  2. Environmental Policy Projects
    This option provides an opportunity for school and/or district staff to complete one or more of the following projects addressing school policies that can contribute to asthma-friendly school environments.

  3. Partnering with Parents and Caregivers
    This option provides an opportunity for school staff to develop partnerships with parents and caregivers that support their children who have asthma through information sharing sessions. These may include key opportunities to share information about school forms and processes or to provide education to parents and students about asthma.

  4. Teaching an Asthma Self-Management Curriculum
    This option provides an opportunity to implement an asthma self-management skills curriculum for students using Open Airways for Schools or Kickin’ Asthma. Curriculums may be implemented before, after, or during the school day or during summer sessions or care programs for school-age children. Program materials for either of these programs will be provided at no charge by the American Lung Association in Minnesota.

  5. Linking Schools and Health Care
    This option provides an opportunity to enhance communication and collaboration between schools, clinics, hospitals, or public health, and parents.

  6. Health Office Staff Training
    This option provides an opportunity to enhance the knowledge and skills of health office staff related to asthma, asthma self-management and best practices for asthma management in schools.

Application Forms

All applicants must complete the Application Form and the Administrative Signature Form indicating that your application has support from your school or district administration and from your school or district health office. If you are working with outside partner organizations, complete the Partner Signature Form that indicates their support and the nature of their contribution to the project.

Funding Criteria New

Application form (Word)

Admin signature form (Word)

Partner signature form (Word)

We ask that your answers to the questions on the application forms be brief, but provide details that give us a picture of how asthma affects students in your school or district and how a grant will help your school and students move forward toward better asthma control. The forms are Microsoft Word documents that you can download, complete, add the needed signatures and then scan and return to us via email or print and send via US mail. We will contact you if we have additional questions or need clarification about your your application.

Please submit your completed application and signature forms by email or US mail to:

Susan Ross at or Susan Ross, MN Department of Health, Asthma Program, P.O. Box 64882, St. Paul, MN 55164-0882.

We will send you an email confirming that we have received your application materials. If you have not received this confirmation within 2 weeks of your submission, please contact Susan Ross.


We will be reviewing the applications as they are received and MDH staff will contact you after your application has been reviewed regarding the funding decision. For those projects that are funded, we will work with you to set up the transfer of funding for your project.  A portion of the funding will need to be held back until we have received your Outcomes Report Form when you have completed your project.

We will be able to fund applications that meet the project criteria as long as funding in this project period is available. You will not be competing against other applicants, but those submitting applications earlier in the funding period will have a greater likelihood of funds still being available.

Funding for these projects is supported by the Minnesota Department of Health through our cooperative agreement with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and by the American Lung Association in Minnesota.

Completing the Project

As you complete your project, MDH Asthma Program staff and American Lung Association in Minnesota staff will be available to provide information and assistance to you as needed. 

Outcomes Report Forms

There are Outcome Report Forms for each project choice within each project area. These forms are available for download from the project area descriptions above.  These forms should be returned to Kathleen Norlien at

Please provide us with documents, outlines, policies and other materials that you developed in the course of your project as described in the specific Outcomes Report Forms. We would like to make these examples along with your lessons learned available to other school districts and communities to assist them in creating asthma friendly schools in their area. We will be sensitive to your needs related to including your school or district identifiers on your materials.

When we have received your Outcomes Report Form we will be able to release the final payment of your grant funding.

Asthma staff will follow-up with you after we receive your Outcomes Report Form to schedule a short phone interview.  We are interested in knowing about your experience with the mini-grant process and how we can improve the program. 

Asthma Friendly Resources for Schools

Many of the project descriptions include additional resources that may be useful in completing those projects. Information about all of these resources are available at Asthma Friendly School Resources.

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