Asthma Friendly School Resources: Topics for Information Sharing in Sessions with Students and Parents and Caregivers

Asthma Friendly School Resources
Topics for Information Sharing in Sessions with Students and Parents and Caregivers

When you are planning your sessions and events consider including information on the following topics. You’ll want to customize your information to the needs that you have identified among your students with asthma and the time and resources you have available. These topic areas are components included in the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI) Expert Panel Report Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Management of Asthma (EPR-3).

  • Basic Facts about Asthma – What is asthma and include activity that includes contrast between airways for a person who has asthma and someone who does not have asthma.
  • Assessing your asthma – is it well controlled? Using an Asthma Control Test© (ACT)
  • Using written asthma action plans (AAP) – describe an Asthma Action Plan, explain how to use it to support daily action to control asthma, include how to adjust medication in response to worsening asthma symptoms, and when to seek medical care.
  • Role of Medications – understanding the difference between rescue and controller medications and the actions of the two types of medication.
  • Taking medications correctly –proper inhaler technique, use of other prescribed devices like holding chambers, spacers and nebulizers. Demonstrate inhaler technique and have students and parents participate.
  • Triggers – how to identify, avoid and reduce asthma triggers that worsen the student’s asthma.
  • Living with asthma – Teach students and families how they can stay in control of their asthma so they can be active, participate in family, school, sports and other activities.

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