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MDH Secure File
Upload Instructions

The MDH File Upload Application is for use by the public. No login is necessary but external partners must send to a specified email address. MDH staff will be notified by email when a file is uploaded to them.

This web application requires no extra hardware or software by either MDH staff or their external partners. Only a web browser is needed.

The upload application is located at this URL: https://apps.health.state.mn.us/mdh_upload/

Uploading Steps

  1. Upon opening the page in a browser, a word must be typed in from the image displayed. No spaces even if it looks like there should be one.
  2. Enter this email address: Health.MCSS.Upload@state.mn.us
    Be sure to attach the Transmittal Form for Electronic Submission of Cases (docx 61KB/1 page) so we know what the files contain.
  3. Type in a small, simple explanation of the file uploaded. These comments will appear in the email notification of the uploaded file to help the receiver identify the context of the upload.
  4. Enter the sender’s (your) email address. This sender's email address will appear in the email notification of an uploaded file and will help the receiver identify the file.
  5. Select a file from your local computer by clicking the ‘Browse’ button. Multiple files can be sent by selecting them one at a time and adding them to the web list.
  6. Click Continue.

A confirmation page will appear with the date displayed. You may want to print this page for your records. The upload portion of the application will send an email to the recipient.


The person who has requested files from you will be your first contact for help with this application. Please contact them with any questions or difficulties. For questions relating to sending files to the MCSS, please contact the MCSS at 651-201-5900.

This is an image of the MDH Upload Page:

secure upload image

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