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Minnesota Cancer Surveillance System

Meaningful Use

Cancer reporting from ambulatory providers to state cancer registries is a new public health objective for Stage 2 meaningful use. In the past, most cancers were diagnosed and/or treated in a hospital setting and data were primarily collected from this source. However, medical practice is changing rapidly and an increasing number of cancer cases are never seen in a hospital. Reporting to cancer registries by health care providers/eligible professionals would address current underreporting of cancer, especially certain types. This information can be a valuable tool in monitoring trends in cancer incidence, identifying populations at high risk for cancer, facilitating studies related to cancer prevention, and planning cancer control initiatives.

How to Achieve Electronic Data Submission with MDH


All Clinics/Clinicians (Eligible Providers) wanting to submit electronic data to MDH are required to first register, this includes meaningful use and non-meaningful use data submission.

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Sending information to MDH electronically does not by itself satisfy the meaningful use criteria. The information must be sent in very specific formats that have been developed to send health-related information between health care information systems. Minnesota Cancer Surveillance System (MCSS) requires all Clinics/Clinicians (Eligible Providers) to generate and evaluate test messages prior to submitting test messages to MDH. Use the resources below to ensure the test messages are correctly formatted.


All registered Clinics/Clinicians (Eligible Providers)s are invited to onboard. This process includes testing, validation and moving to production/ongoing submission. A queue may be initiated depending on the number of Clinics/Clinicians (Eligible Providers) registered and the priority list established by MCSS.

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