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Cancer Statistics and Reports

Cancer Incidence Data

Minnesota Public Health Data Access is a web-based data access portal where you can view interactive cancer data maps, submit queries and download data.

Biennial Report

MCSS produces a biennial report summarizing the occurrence of cancer in Minnesota. It contains analyses of the available cancer data by the MCSS. Cancer rates, trends, and prevalence are presented, as well as the variation in risk by age, gender, race and ethnicity, and geographic area.

Preliminary Reports

Cancer Facts and Figures

The Minnesota Department of Health, the American Cancer Society and the Minnesota Cancer Alliance collaborate to produce this summary of cancer in Minnesota. Stakeholders in cancer control will use this document to measure progress in meeting the objectives stated in Cancer Plan Minnesota, the state’s comprehensive cancer control plan. Cancer patients, health care and public health professionals, policy makers, advocates, news organizations and the public may find it useful when seeking detailed, easy-to-read information about cancer in Minnesota.

Epidemiology Reports

Other Reports & Publications


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