Community Partners for Healthy Farming (CPHF)

Community Partners for Healthy Farming (CPHF)

Each year hundreds of adults and children in Minnesota become injured or die while participating in farm-related activities. Major injuries occurred on about one in every 3.5 farms in 1993, and nearly 17% of the injured farm members were children. The Community Partners for Healthy Farming (CPHF) project implemented four different activities to examine these injuries more closely, to determine how they were happening, and to address what could be done to help prevent farm- and work-related injuries from occurring to children and adolescents in Minnesota.

Photo of a farmThese activities included:

1) a three-county surveillance of child and adolescent farm- and work-related injury reported by hospitals and clinics;

2) a survey within six rural high schools that addressed work habits and injury patterns among adolescents in grades 9 through 12;

3) an assessment of serious traumatic agricultural injury seen in area trauma centers; and

Photo of a man operating a farm tractor4) a training course designed to provide information and skills that would enable Public Health Nurses from rural counties to discuss safety and health strategies with farmers and farm family members, increase awareness of health and safety issues, and act as advocates for farm safety in their communities.

Journal articles:

  • Adolescent work patterns and work-related injury incidence in rural Minnesota
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    Published Online: 16 Jul 2002
    DOI 10.1002/ajim.10094

  • Causes, nature, and outcomes of work-related injuries to adolescents working at farm and non-farm jobs in rural Minnesota
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Project Funded By: NIOSH
Project Begin: 1996
Project End: 2000
Grant Number: U06 CCU512939
Principal Investigator: David Parker
Contact: Debby Langner

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