Center for Occupational Health and Safety - MN Dept. of Health

The Center for Occupational Health and Safety

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The mission of the MDH Center for Occupational Health and Safety is to improve worker safety and health in Minnesota. Working in collaboration with organized labor, workers, business, schools, government, academia, and other stakeholders, the Center for Occupational Health and Safety focuses on the surveillance, investigation, and reduction of preventable workplace injuries, illnesses, and hazards among Minnesota’s working population.

Center activities include efforts to:

  • conduct surveillance of work-related injuries, illnesses, and exposures to identify trends and establish priorities for research, education and prevention efforts;
  • disseminate occupational surveillance and hazard data to stakeholders to promote awareness of occupational health and safety issues and concerns;
  • collaborate and consult in the design, implementation, and interpretation of epidemiologic studies of occupational diseases and injuries;
  • evaluate emerging occupational hazards and diseases;
  • promote occupational health and safety awareness among young workers;
  • collaborate with other programs, agencies, institutions, and other partners to promote the health and safety of Minnesota workers
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