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Minnesota OSHA Enforcement Activities

The Minnesota Occupational Safety and Health (MNOSHA) program is administered by the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry. The program was established by the Minnesota Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1973.  In 1985 Minnesota was approved by Federal OSHA to conduct its own occupational safety and health program covering both private and public sectors. MNOSHA adopts federal OSHA standards by reference and develops state-specific standards when appropriate. MNOSHA’s Compliance Division is responsible for conducting enforcement inspections, adoption of health and safety standards, and other OSHA activities. The Workplace Safety Consultation Division provides free consultation services at the request of employers.      

MNOSHA uses workers compensation data and other special emphasis programs to prioritize specific industries and occupations to be inspected in a calendar year.  Other priorities for inspection include: reports of imminent danger; complaints from employees or the general public; a fatality occurs at a worksite; 3 or more employees are hospitalized; referrals from other government agencies; and follow up inspections to ensure previously identified violations have been corrected.

This indicator uses records kept by MN OSHA detailing their inspection and enforcement activities.  However, because MNOSHA may conduct follow up inspections of a single facility, this may lead to an over-estimation by the indicator of the number of establishments or employees covered by the inspections.

Number of Establishments Inspected by MNOSHA, 2000-2012

Year Number of Establishments Percentage of Establishments
2000 1,966 1.3
2001 1,928 1.3
2002 1,969 1.3
2003 2,608 1.7
2004 2,647 1.7
2005 2,530 1.6
2006 2,885 1.7
2007 2,537 1.5
2008 2,569 1.5
2009 2863 1.8
2010 2592 1.6
2011 2388 1.5
2012 2,698 1.6

Number of Establishments Inspected by MNOSHA

The number of establishments inspected by OSHA between 2000 and 2012, data in table above

Percentage of Employees with a Work-Area Inspected by MNOSHA, 2000-2012

Year Number of Employees Percentage of Employees
2000 79,298 3.1
2001 66,362 2.6
2002 89,367 3.5
2003 97,582 3.8
2004 133,185 5.2
2005 114,741 4.4
2006 130,295 4.9
2007 129,723 4.9
2008 125,978 4.7
2009 153,034 6.0
2010 162,117 6.4
2011 133,257 5.2
2012 152,752 5.8

Percentage of Employees Who’s Work-Area Was Inspected by MNOSHA, 2000-2012

Percentage of employees employed in OSHA inspected establishments, data in table above

Trend analysis indicated a statistically significant increase in the number of covered establishments and employees that were inspected by MNOSHA from 2000 through 2012.  The increase in inspections may improve compliance with occupational health and safety regulations, providing a safer work environment for Minnesota’s workers.

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