Occupational Cancer Surveillance Through Record Linkage

Cancer rates in specific occupations and industries have traditionally been evaluated using cause of death data from death certificates. However, as more and more states have established statewide cancer registries (providing much more accurate and complete information on newly-diagnosed cancers), the potential usefulness and limitations of these registries in evaluating cancer risks in occupational groups requires evaluation. One major limitation is that workers who move out-of-state before a cancer is diagnosed will not be included in the state registry. The goal of this NIOSH-funded grant was to determine how cancer registry data in Minnesota, along with data on residency status, compares to mortality (death) information in evaluating the health of workers in Minnesota. This research was completed in September of 2001. Click on this NIOSH link to view a 500-word summary of this project that was part of the final progress report. Use the back arrow on your web browser to return to this page.

Sample record linkage graph

Project Funded By: NIOSH
Project Begin: 1998
Project End: 2001
Grant Number: K01 OH00161
Principal Investigator: Debora Boyle
Contact: Alan Bender


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