Minnesota Wood Dust Study

Improving the health of workers in small wood working businesses in Minnesota was the main objective of the Minnesota Wood Dust Study. The Minnesota Wood Dust Study was a joint effort between the MDH and the University of Minnesota to evaluate the effectiveness of interventions to improve the health of workers by lowering wood dust levels in wood working businesses. Wood dust is a known cancer-causing agent and a threat to the health of workers employed in this industry. Follow-up data were analyzed to determine if dust levels have been reduced in the participating businesses. This study was initiated in 1995 and completed in 2000; the findings have been published in a variety of journal articles. Two recent abstracts can be viewed through the following links: Lazovich D, et al, 2002; and Brosseau LM et al., 2002

Photo of man using a table saw   Photo of a small woodshop

Project Funded By: NIOSH
Project Begin: 1995
Project End: 2000
Grant Number: 5R01 OH003408
Principal Investigator: David Parker
Contact: Alan Bender


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