Minnesota Physical Activity and Nutrition Programs

Physical Activity and Nutrition Unit

The Physical Activity and Nutrition (PAN) Unit supports Minnesotans to be active, eat more nutritious foods and strive for a healthy weight.

We provide leadership, coordination and technical assistance to a broad range of partners across Minnesota and work to improve the public’s health in settings such as schools, health care, public health systems, community centers and worksites. We aspire to reduce the serious human impact and financial cost of chronic disease and injury. To achieve our goal we help to create healthy communities that support people and their families to maintain healthy lives.

Supervisor Chris Kimber, MS, RD, PAPHS
651-201-5497 or chris.kimber@state.mn.us

Administrative Specialist Rhonda Bauer
651-201-3606 or rhonda.bauer@state.mn.us

Physical Activity Coordinator Amber Dallman, MPH, PAPHS
651-201-5494 or amber.dallman@state.mn.us

Food Systems Planner Lisa Gemlo, MPH, RD, LD
651-201-3537 or lisa.gemlo@state.mn.us

Food Access Coordinator Tim Jenkins, MPH, REHS
651-201-5965 or tim.jenkins@state.mn.us

Early Childhood Specialist Joyce O'Meara
651-201-3546 or joyce.omeara@state.mn.us

SHIP School Coordinator Terri Swartout, MA
651-201-5989 or Terri.Swartout@state.mn.us

Active School Coordinator Mary Thissen-Milder, PhD
651-582-8505 or mary.thissen-milder@state.mn.us

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