About Farm to School


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The benefits

Students eat better

Farm to School programs have been shown to increase the number of fruits and vegetables kids eat by one daily serving. And, they carry these habits home. Many schools see an increase in school meal participation when farm fresh food is served through Farm to School programs.

It helps the local economy

Farm to School can increase market opportunities for farmers, food processors and food manufacturers in Minnesota. The dollars spent for food by schools, stays within the local economy. In addition, Farm to School brings in additional revenues through increases in student and adult meal participation.

Students have increased educational opportunities

As a result of Farm to School, staff, students and parents get to know their local farmers. Children better understand the cycle of food such as how and who grows it and how it impacts their bodies, health and the community. Experiences like school based-agriculture plots, farm tours, cooking classes, taste testing and composting programs all play a role in motivating children toward healthier eating habits that will last a lifetime.

Updated Thursday, April 06, 2017 at 12:51PM