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The Farm to School: So Fresh, So Easy is a series of five training videos designed primarily for food service professionals. This series provides an overview of the various components of Farm to School and illustrates how easy it is to implement a Farm to School program. Watch the videos to get resources, contacts and ideas to begin or enhance your Farm to School efforts. Learn more at the University of Minnesota Extension website.

Why Farm to School: This segment provides an overview of Farm to School, the benefits and the basics on how to get started. This segment covers talking points and provides many resources, including people the viewer can connect with to answer questions.

Sourcing Your Farm to School Items: This segment addresses legal and food safety issues and provides an overview of the many ways healthy, local foods can be sourced into any school. Other Minnesota schools are highlighted to provide ideas and resources for sourcing local items.

Menuing Your Farm to School Items: This segments shows the viewer how to make menu planning quick and simple and how Farm to School foods can help meet the proposed meal standards. Resources are showcased that provide delicious recipes and ideas to menu Farm to School items.

Prepping Your Farm to School Items: This segment discusses food safety and proper food handling in the kitchen. It identifies ways to simplify food preparation as well as some of the basic food preparation skills and equipment that are helpful when preparing local fresh foods. Additional resources and examples are provided.

Promoting Your Farm to School Items: This session explores how relationships and partnerships can support Farm to School efforts and provides some specific step-by step guidance for promotion and marketing. The viewer is given examples of other school’s promotion efforts and a variety of resources are provided to help their promotion efforts.

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