woman buying tomotoesNutrition: Building healthier communities one fork at a time

We must all take responsibility for our own behavior, and we are all in charge of what we eat. Good health begins with our own personal responsibility.

That's why we need communities that support our healthy choices. We all need access to fresh fruits and vegetables. We need healthy choices in our workplaces and communities. Our children deserve to be offered healthy choices in school.

You are in charge of your health, and MDH is working to make it a little easier to choose to eat healthier.

What's going on in Minnesota communities:

  • Healthy eating in schools including breakfast promotion, improved lunch and healthy snacks including classroom celebrations and incentives, fundraising, concessions and vending.

  • Farm to School is key strategy for healthy eating in schools. By connecting farmers with schools to provide fresh, local foods, everyone wins. Some efforts include school gardens to educate children and supplement food offerings.
  • Healthy food environments in workplaces means providing or improving access to healthy foods in cafeteria and in catering, as well as establishing workplace policies and programs that promote and support breastfeeding for working mothers.
  • Healthy food environments in communities strategies work to improve access to nutritious foods such as fruits and vegetables by increasing availability and affordability in grocery and corner stores, concession facilities and other food vendors; require calorie or nutrition labeling on menus; facilitate the development of new farmers markets and promote their use; and facilitate the development of new community gardens and other small scale food production strategies.

Read about the Statewide Health Improvement Program and how it is working to make the healthy choice the easy choice for Minnesotans.

Updated Monday, June 09, 2014 at 08:55AM