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Program Promotions


Great promotions start with great listening. Listen to students to identify their likes, dislikes and ideas to promote the school meals program. Use Great Trays resources to identify opportunities to listen, learn and promote your program.


WOW your community by sharing news and information about the school meals program. Monthly menus, the district website, school newsletters and parent events can help get the word out. Use Great Trays resources to make sharing easy, fun and successful.


Healthy choices can be fun and easy choices with subtle changes in the cafeteria. Use Great Trays resources to boost fruit and vegetable consumption and encourage students to try new foods.

The Great Trays Tickler offers a reminder of ideas, recipes and resources that were shared during the workshop. Individual issues address specific foods, nutrients or strategies to offer healthy, budget conscious meals that kids love:

  • Welcome Issue (PDF: 85KB/1 page)
  • Sodium Issue (PDF: 76KB/1 page)
  • Minnesota School Food Buying Group Issue (PDF: 76KB/1 page)
  • Whole Grains Issue (PDF: 74KB/1 page)
  • USDA Proposed Rule (PDF: 74KB/1 page)
  • Colorful Veggies Issue (PDF: 90KB/1 page)
  • Meat and Meat Alternates Issue (PDF: 88KB/1 page)
  • Cycle Menus Issue (PDF: 78KB/1 page)
  • Controlling Costs Issue (PDF: 85KB/1 page)
  • Farm to School Issue (PDF: 79KB/1 page)
  • Condiments Issue (PDF: 85KB/1 page)
  • Setting Goals Issue (PDF: 88KB/1 page)
  • Welcome Back Issue (PDF: 71KB/1 page)
  • Staff Training Issue (PDF: 81KB/1 page)
  • Trimming the Trans Issue (PDF: 75KB/1 page)
  • Watch Your Savings Stack Up Issue (PDF: 81KB/1 page)
  • Brown Rice Issue (PDF: 73KB/1 page)
  • Listening to Students Issue (PDF: 76KB/1 page)
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