Nutrition: Education


Choose My Plate for kids ages 6 to 11

Choose My Plate

Dole Super Kids
Lesson plans that integrates nutrition education with language arts, math, music, social studies, and science

Ag in the Classroom – The Farmer Grows a Rainbow

Provides teachers with classroom-ready resources to improve nutrition education among Pre-K-5 students.

Crunch the Numbers

A standards-base math curriculum that integrates nutrition education around fruit and vegetable consumption

Learn to be Healthy
Web-based health science education kits that meet many national education standards

Smart Mouth
Center for Science in the Public Interest, nutrition education website for kids with games, quizzes, video clips, andarticles.

Healthy Eating Posters for School Snack Bars (Downloadable)

Explore the World with Fruits and Vegetableswewantmore

Produce for Better Health idea book for nutrition education practitioners in school settings.

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