LANA Preschool Program

Learning About Nutrition Through Activities (LANA)

Recommended Materials

Below is a list of recommended materials. The materials listed were particularly useful to teachers during LANA Preschool Study. Though not essential, these items make the program more engaging for teachers and children alike.

Iguana hand puppet: Lana is an Iguana, a type of lizard that eats only fruits and vegetables. As the program mascot, Lana the Iguana is frequently referenced throughout program activities and printed materials. Using an Iguana hand puppet to interact with the children helps to provide program continuity. It’s also a great way to make program activities come alive for the children.

Storybooks: Fruit and vegetable-themed storybooks accompany each theme unit. Though they are specifically recommended for use during theme weeks, these storybooks are a wonderful addition at any point in the program. If these storybooks are not already available to you, consider purchasing them or borrowing them from your local library.

Games & graphics cards: Each theme unit includes games and graphics cards that are featured in the theme unit activities. You may want to print these pieces in color and laminate them for repeated use during the theme unit and throughout the rest of the program.

Family resources: Each LANA theme unit includes family resources that are sent home monthly as a convenient way to connect parents with what is happening throughout the program. Try to make a copy of these for each family in your program. Alternatively, you can post a single copy in a location where it can be easily viewed by all families.

Classroom cooking kit: If you are implementing the LANA Preschool Program in a center with multiple preschool classrooms, you might consider providing a cooking kit for each classroom. The cooking kits help to facilitate the cooking activities that take place each week during the program. The kits used during the LANA Preschool Study included:

  1. Dry & liquid measuring cups
  2. Measuring spoons
  3. A rubber spatula
  4. A cutting board
  5. A paring knife (for teacher use only)
  6. Plastic knives (for children, watch closely)

Supplemental materials: These materials are not crucial to completing the program activities but if available, it’s recommended that you collect them to use throughout the LANA Preschool Program. Easy alternatives are suggested each time any of the following appear in program activities.

  • Fruit and Vegetable Models: wood or plastic fruits and vegetables that can be used for dramatic play, the blocks area or with a handful of other program activities.
  • Fruit and Vegetable Puzzles: puzzles featuring images of fruits and vegetables provide a convenient way to link LANA Preschool Program activities with other learning areas.

NOTE: LANA materials are available from Learning ZoneXpress. For more information, visit the Learning ZoneXpress website or call toll-free at 888-455-7003.

Updated Tuesday, May 29, 2018 at 10:13AM