LANA Preschool Program

Learning About Nutrition Through Activities (LANA)

Special Events Overview

Special events offer a unique, interactive way for you to connect families with the messages of the LANA Preschool Program. The LANA Preschool Program includes three special events that you may choose to offer:

Team Tasting Challenge

The Team Tasting Challenge is a fun event to introduce families to the LANA Preschool Program. At the event, children visit “tasting stations” with their parents to taste samples of fruits and vegetables featured in the LANA Preschool Program. The Team Tasting Challenge will generally be scheduled during pick-up time at the end of the day (ex. 4:30 – 6 p.m.).

Materials for the Team Tasting Challenge Event
  • Stickers
  • A display board with information about the LANA Program and examples of some of the printed materials
  • Copies of the Parent tip sheet (PDF) with ideas for how parents can help encourage fruits and vegetables at home
  • Small paper cups for serving samples
  • Napkins
  • A small number of the target fruits/vegetables for tasting (suggested: red peppers, sugar snap peas, kiwi and apricots)
  • Optional: you might choose to provide dip to serve with vegetables.
  • Staff to set-up and assist with the event
  • Team Tasting flyer (PDF)

  • How it works

  • Arrange the display board, tasting supplies, and handouts where you wish to conduct the event.
  • As families arrive for pick-up, invite them to take a few minutes to taste fruits and vegetables with their child(-ren)
  • Children will be the tour guides, leading their parent(s) to the tasting station(s) and introducing them to the fruits and vegetables they’ve tasted so far during LANA Program.
  • Offer a sticker to all participants who try the fruits and vegetables.
  • Each family receives information about the LANA Preschool Program and a tip sheet on promoting fruits and vegetables at home.

Parent Workshop

Parent Workshop (PDF)

Workshop on the Feeding Relationship: Make Family Mealtimes Count!

 This is a one-hour workshop to introduce and discuss the child-feeding division of responsibility and how families can help children develop healthy eating habits. Participants will review and discuss a short video titled “Parents and Children Sharing Food Tasks”.

Supplies & Materials


  • Optional: As an incentive for parents to attend, serve snacks prepared by their children. For example, the children might prepare “Surprise Muffins” as their weekly cooking activity and make extra for the parents to enjoy during the discussion.
  • Once parents have gathered, ask them to complete the short pre-test. Do not reveal the answers until the end.
  • Watch the short video and discuss. The discussion points in the “Discussion Group Outline” will help you to lead this discussion group.
  • At the end of the discussion, ask participants to complete the post test – this is a fun way for parents to see how much they’ve learned! Offer participants “Recommended Reading Handout” listing additional resources as they leave.

Cooking Tour

Cooking Tour (PDF)

Family Cooking Tour Finale

The Family Cooking Tour encourages families to explore cooking with their children and celebrates their participation in the LANA Preschool Program. At the event, families prepare and eat simple recipes that the children have previously made as a part of the LANA Program classroom activities. The event will generally be scheduled during the pick-up hours (ex. 4 – 6 p.m.). 

Materials for the Family Cooking Tour

  • Cooking Tour cards (PDF)
  • Stamps or stickers (to place on cards after each recipe)
  • LANA’s Favorite Recipes cookbooks (see the “Theme Unit Resources” section for a downloadable copy)
  • Copies of the recipes for participants to use when preparing the snacks (see “Cooking Activities” section for downloadable recipes)
  • Staff to set up and assist with the event
  • Food supplies (PDF) for the cooking activities
  • Paper products (napkins, paper plates, etc.)
  • Serving containers for foods
  • Optional: small incentives for participants
  • Cooking Tour flyer (PDF)

Suggested Recipes:

  • Mouse Tail Snacks
  • Broccoli Wraps
  • Stoplight Snacks
  • Veggie Kabobs

How it works

  • Set up stations for each cooking activity in the area where you wish to hold the event.
  • As families arrive at pick-up time, invite them to participate in the event.
  • Give each participating family a “Cooking Tour Card” to have stamped as they visit each of the cooking stations.
  • Children will visit the cooking stations with their families to demonstrate making some of the recipes they’ve prepared during the LANA Program.
  • Families will receive a stamp (or sticker) on their card for each recipe that they prepare.


  • Offer a small incentive for families who get all four stamps on their cards.
  • Children will be personalizing their own copy of the “Lana’s Favorite Recipes” cookbook as a part of the final theme unit, “Foods for Everyone”. You might keep these cookbooks and present them to families at the Cooking Tour.

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