LANA Preschool Program Tasting Activities

Learning About Nutrition Through Activities (LANA)

Tasting Activities

Frequency: The tasting activities are done once each week for the first 16 weeks of the program. This allows for each of the eight targeted fruits and vegetables to be presented in a tasting activity twice throughout the program. After the first 16 weeks, the tasting activities are done only during the theme unit weeks.

Purpose: To introduce children to the new fruits and vegetables and provide repeated opportunities for them to taste fruits and vegetables in a supportive and non-threatening environment. The tasting activities are intended to be stand-alone activities done outside of meal time, snack time and cooking activities.


  1. Gather supplies for tasting activity.
  2. Invite children to wash their hands and sit down at the tables.
  3. Introduce the fruit or vegetable to the children.
  4. With gloved hand, serve each child a tasting portion of the fruit or vegetable.
  5. Encourage all children to taste the fruit or vegetable while you taste it with them.
    Tell them: “Taste the [insert name of featured fruit/vegetable] and then you can have as much as you like.”
  6. Once all children have been served, place the container on the table for children to serve themselves more.
  7. After tasting the fruit or vegetable, tell the children they will get to taste it again sometime at lunch or snack.

Other Tasting Activity Ideas:

  • Sticker incentives: Encourage children to try the fruit or vegetable, give each child a sticker once they taste the item. (Use only when first introducing a fruit or vegetable or use them intermittently)

  • Child served: Invite a few children to volunteer and serve tasting portions to their classmates. The servers can wear an apron and pretend to be serving at a restaurant.

  • Station activity: Offer the fruit or vegetable for tasting as a station activity during activity time and children can rotate through the tasting station.

  • You decide: Use your imagination to think of other ways to make the taste testing activities exciting and fun for your students!

Tasting Activity Pages

  1. Apricots (PDF)
  2. Broccoli (PDF)
  3. Cherry Tomatoes (PDF)
  4. Kiwi (PDF)
  5. Strawberries (PDF)
  6. Sugar Snap Peas (PDF)
  7. Sweet Potatoes (PDF)
  8. Sweet Red Peppers (PDF)

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