LANA Preschool Program

Learning About Nutrition Through Activities

Theme Units Overview

Once each month during the LANA Preschool Program, a week-long curriculum theme unit is offered in place of your usual curriculum. These six theme units incorporate the weekly cooking and tasting activities with fruit and vegetable-themed stories and other special activities to help children experience fruits and vegetables in exciting new ways.

The theme units also include special materials to share with families. As a part of theme week activities, families will receive:

  • A Parent Letter          
  • A Take-Home Tasting Kit         
  • A new issue of the “Parents Talk” brochures

The six LANA Preschool Program curriculum theme units are:

Theme Unit


Sample Special Activities

1. Eating the Alphabet 

  • Fruits and vegetables are fun to eat!
  • We recognize and learn about different fruits/vegetables.
  • We can taste and try new kinds of fruits and vegetables.
  • Set up a grocery store for dramatic play
  • Make an alphabet collage
  • Make fruit basket as take home present

2. Vegetarian Animals 

  • Some animals like to eat fruits and vegetables.
  • Some animals have a favorite fruit or vegetable and others will eat any of them.
  • Fruits and vegetables help animals stay strong and healthy too.
  • Set up a pet store for dramatic play
  • Paint a mouse like in the book, “Lunch”
  • Play “Animals and what they eat” game

3. Our Senses Teach Us 

  • We can learn more about fruits and vegetables by seeing, smelling, hearing, touching, and tasting them.
  • Our senses, sight, smell, sound, touch, and taste, teach us many things.
  • We can identify fruits and vegetables by using our senses.
  • Describe fruits and vegetables using touch, smell, sound, look, and taste.
  • Guess the sensible riddles
  • Play the game “Pin apricots on the tree”

4. Inside-Outside

  • Fruits and vegetables grow in lots of different ways.
  • We eat all different parts of plants such as roots, stems, and leaves.
  • We can identify, sort and classify fruits and vegetables.
  • Match fruits/vegetables with plants they grow on
  • Make a fruit flip to see inside and outside
  • Planting project to observe root growth

5. Growing Things 

  • Fruits and vegetables grow from seeds.
  • We help things grow by planting seeds, watering them and giving them sunlight.
  • People eat the fruits and vegetables grown from seeds. 
  • Set up a pretend garden for dramatic play
  • Examine seeds and plant them in containers
  • Make seed collage pictures
  • Act out the Watch us Grow! poem

6. Foods for Everyone

  • Different families eat different kinds of food.
  • Fruits and vegetables grow in different places and climates.
  • Fruits and vegetables taste good and help keep us strong and healthy. 
  • Different cultures serve favorite foods as part of family celebrations.
  • Set up a pretend ethnic restaurant for dramatic play
  • Play the Lana Lotto game
  • Make party decorations and have a celebration!



LANA Preschool Program Theme Week Activities [pdf/2 pages/64Kb]


Theme Unit Resources

Theme Unit

LANA Story

Take-home Tasting Activity

Additional Family Resources

1. Eating the Alphabet

Sample Lesson Plan
[pdf/2 pages/28Kb]Curriculum
[pdf/27 pages/121Kb]

Featuring: Kiwi

Introducing Lana the Iguana
[pdf/2 pages/29Kb]

2. Vegetarian Animals

Sample Lesson Plan
[pdf/2 pages/28Kb]
[pdf/33 pages/2.0Mb]

Featuring: Broccoli

Lana and Willie Eat Lunch
[pdf/11 pages/7.4Mb]

3. Our Senses Teach Us

Sample Lesson Plan [pdf/2 pages/21Kb]Curriculum
[pdf/27 pages/107Kb]

Featuring: Sweet Potato

Lana Plays a Trick on Tenzin
[pdf/11 pages/7.5Mb]

4. Inside-Outside

Sample Lesson Plan[pdf/2 pages/21Kb]Curriculum
[pdf/31 pages/137Kb]

Featuring: Sweet Red Pepper

In and Out with Lana and Carlos
[pdf/13 pages/11.0Mb]

5. Growing Things

Sample Lesson Plan[pdf/2 pages/22Kb]Curriculum
[pdf/29 pages/145Kb]

Featuring: Sugar Snap Peas

Lana and Alisha Plant a Garden
[pdf/11 pages/8.7Mb]

6. Foods for Everyone

Sample Lesson Plan[pdf/2 pages/22Kb]Curriculum
[pdf/33 pages/404Kb]

Featuring: Cherry Tomatoes

Lana’s Learners Activity Book
[pdf/10 pages/3.3Mb]


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