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Hey, I guess I like red peppers!

Laurie Haenke, Community Health Specialist with Dakota County Public Health Department sent us this “little story from one of the preschool teachers at District 191 Project KIDS.”LANA photo of kids participating in cooking activity

“We have been having fun and learning with Lana.” said Patti Paul from Sioux Trail Ready to Learn. “The children are pretending to be iguanas in the gym. They remember Lana eats only vegetables and fruit. After we introduce the fruit or vegetable we make a chart. We mark if they tried it, liked it, or just wanted to watch.

“Last week when cutting up red peppers for tasting one four year old kept saying, ‘I don't like red peppers.’ ‘I don't like red peppers.’ ‘You know, Patti, I do not like red peppers.’

“I replied, ‘Yes, I remember you don't like red peppers. That's O.K. if you don't taste. If you want to try you can.’

“I had cut slices of red pepper on small plates with ranch dressing. Most of the children were eating and talking about how good the peppers tasted. The four year old was watching, then he took one bite, then another. He looked at me and said, ‘Hey, I guess I like red peppers!’”

Learning about food with LANALANA photo of teacher with boy participating in cooking activity

Holly Fick with Kids Will Be Kids Child Care in Hastings, Minnesota, went through the LANA training in Dakota County in November. Holly has found LANA offers many teachable moments. “One thing I love to do is have the kids come with me to my dad's farm (behind my house) and SEE how green beans, corn, and peas are grown and picked. They love it!  We are able to run through the ‘big sprinkler’ (irrigator) in the summer. They even ask me why we can't do it in the winter!”

Holly has also found the parents appreciate it, too. She received an email from Jacki, a happy parent: "The LANA program has not only benefited my kids in your daycare but our whole family. My twins have been shown a whole new world of great foods that not only taste good but are so good for them. We have had the usual grapes, apples, strawberries etc., however now we have moved on to Kiwi, apricots, broccoli and so many ways to eat them that the kids don’t realize they are eating foods they never knew before. Aiden brought his “cook book” to the store and came home with bags and bags of fruit/vegetables and is so excited to make EVERYTHING!!!!!!!! 

“As parents I think it is great to have the kids try new foods while at daycare since we all know kids and parents have a different relationship than with their care provider. While my kids would have balked at even the thought of trying something new at home, at daycare it was more of a fun challenge without the power struggle. With having two kids at daycare it was an easy way to see what the different tastes were for each child! This program is wonderful and not only educational for the kids but for the parents as well. My kids come home and share what they have learned and even use their knowledge when out at the grocery store!!!"

According to Holly, “This little boy is so much fun!  He grew his own garden last summer so I knew he would enjoy this.  He's always asking me where our foods come from.”

Updated Wednesday, October 04, 2017 at 02:04PM