Information for Health Care Providers

Overweight and Obesity Prevention

Information for health care providers

Health care providers have an important role to play in the success of health improvement in Minnesota. It is essential that clinicians employ creative, multi-disciplinary and culturally sensitive approaches to the prevention of obesity. Health care providers can promote the development and maintenance of healthy lifestyle behaviors by encouraging individuals to maintain healthy eating habits and participate in physical activity on a regular basis.

Childhood obesity messaging tool

Changes in health care and the health care setting have created challenges to the approach of supporting wellness and not just treating illness. Providers frequently have little time to spend with patients and often don’t feel equipped to offer resources that could help their patients lead more active lives and eat more healthfully.

MDH has developed a clinical tool for children at risk for obesity. This tool came about because a physician, while having clear clinical guidance for working with children who are obese, felt ill-equipped to discuss weight management strategies for children above normal weight and at risk for obesity. The tool offers clear, simple messages for families designed to be memorable, actionable and quick.

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