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Fostering Physical Activity for Children and Youth

Fostering Physical Activity for Children and Youth: Opportunities for a Lifetime of Health provides background research about the current state of physical activity in the nation and highlights organizational practices and public policies to improve physical activity among children and youth. The report serves as a launching pad for action for practitioners and advocates who are interested in engaging in systems and environmental change approaches.in four key arenas: schools, early childcare and education settings, out-of-school-time programs, and communities. This resource was commissioned by the Convergence Partnership. | Fostering Physical Activity for Children and Youth | Prevention Institute | Convergence Partnership

Looking to Partner with Local Landowners to Promote Physical Activity?

The Statewide Health Improvement Program (SHIP) along with the Public Health Law Center have posted a new fact sheet titled: Liability for Minnesota Landowners Who Open their Land for Public Use

This fact sheet is designed for use when promoting public use of private land.  Often, private landowners worry about the liability they might encounter when opening their private property for public use.  Minnesota provides significant liability protection for owners in order to promote use of natural resources located on private property. | Liability for Minnesota Landowners Who Open their Land for Public Use | Statewide Health Improvement Program | Public Health Law Center Active Living Resources

Promote Active Communities as Equitable Communities

Policy Link has created a new resource - an Equitable Development Toolkit. Equitable development is an approach to creating healthy, vibrant, communities of opportunity. Equitable outcomes come about when smart, intentional strategies are put in place to ensure that low-income communities and communities of color participate in and benefit from decisions that shape their neighborhoods and regions. This online toolkit includes 28 tools to reverse patterns of segregation and disinvestment, prevent displacement, and promote equitable revitalization. Find more information on how to encourage active living and build walkable neighborhoods. | Equitable Development Toolkit | Policy Link

Creating Healthy Communities PowerPoint Available from CDC

The Healthy Communities, Local Government PowerPoint is intended for local government staff (e.g., city managers; council members; county commissioners; urban and transportation planners; redevelopment administrators; zoning officials; local school district staff and public health practitioners) who want to build the case for investing in obesity prevention at the community level.This presentation provides the audience with an understanding of the prevalence, disease burden, and economic cost of the U.S. obesity epidemic and how local government is part of the solution.

The Healthy Communities, Local Government Power Point provides clear and specific examples of what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention intended for policy and environmental change initiatives to address obesity locally. It also briefly discusses the advantages and impact of population based approaches to address obesity. The PowerPoint has notes pages that can be read by the presenter, or used to guide the conversation about the slides. | Healthy Communities: What Local Governments Can Do to Reduce and Prevent Obesity

School Employee Wellness (SEW) Tools Update

The Directors of Health Promotion and Education (DHPE) would like to welcome you back to school with some new tools, resources, and more for the 20102011 school year. During the summer, DHPE has added several new tools and resources to the School Employee Wellness website, including program summaries of the 2009 School Employee Wellness (SEW) Awards Program winners, and sample materials from SEW programs, such as:
  • Committee Structure, Roles & Responsibilities
  • Employee Interest and Health Habits Surveys
  • SEW program plans
  • SEW program newsletters
  • Wellness activity materials (i.e., walking challenge, wellness incentive program, 5K Run/Walk)
School Employee Wellness Resources 

Environmental & Policy Change for Healthy Aging Online Conference Series

The Environmental and Policy Change for Healthy Aging Conference Series is produced by the CDC Healthy Aging Research Network and Creating Aging-Friendly Communities. Funding by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality makes this conference series available to all at no charge.

  • Module I, offering a pre-recorded presentation, live webinar, online discussion, and additional resources, provides an overview of Environmental & Policy Change for Healthy Aging.
  • Module II Optimal Living Environments for Healthy Aging (starting Oct 19)
  • Module III Integrated Approaches to Mobility (starting Nov 30)
  • Module IV Emerging Environmental Issues in Healthy Aging (starts Jan 4, 2011)

Sign up for one or all modules!
Policy, practice, and partnerships will be addressed as well as special issues. Panelists and speakers are national and community experts in aging, planning, policy, universal design, transportation, public health, environmental protection, and community change.

Participate right from your computer! All you need to participate is a Web browser and an Internet connection. Registration Information | Email hanepc@uw.edu

The Getting Around Guide: An AARP Guide to Walking, Biking & Public Transportation

The American Association of Retired People (AARP) has issued a new publication to help consumers take advantage of fun and healthy options for getting around without a car.  This compact 16-page brochure encourages walking, biking, and taking public transportation or other transportation options.  It includes benefits of options; how to find them and use them; and what one can do to make changes to your community, whether one lives in a small town, suburb, or big city. To order hard copies, call 1-888-OUR-AARP (1-888-687-2277) and ask for "The Getting Around Guide," Stock # D19294. | Or access the document as a PDF: The Getting Around Guide: An AARP Guide to Walking, Biking & Public Transportation

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