Physical Activity Stories

Physical Activity Stories

young boy on bicyclePipestone gets active

How can a community increase biking and walking, and along the way make their towns safer and more enjoyable?

One effective way is through a “Complete Streets” policy. That is exactly what Southwest Statewide Health Improvement Program (SHIP) is working toward, one city at a time.

“We want to provide a safe way for people to get from one end of town to the other, whether that’s by bike, on foot or even in a wheelchair,” says Jeff Moberg of South West SHIP...more

children walking home from schoolSafe Routes + Walking Tuesdays = Healthy Kids

With the help of Statewide Health Improvement Program, Fairmont’s Safe Routes to School program has become a staple of Fairmont students’ school day.

Beginning in 2010, the Safe Routes to School program in Fairmont was a hopeful discussion among local elementary schools, the Fairmont Policy Department, local hospital, newspaper and bus company as well as other business and community members. In 2012, the group’s mission resulted in wider crosswalks, more curb cuts, cross extra walking guards, pedestrian and bike safety education...more

girl on swingPhysical activity means healthy and happy kids

Schools in Cass County are already seeing results of their efforts to increase physical activity among their students.

With the help of SHIP, four of the five schools in Cass County created programs to improve students’ physical activity, reaching up to 2,000 students. It starts with the belief that an environment that supports and models healthy behavior for youth is critical for them to become healthy, productive adults. “It was important to keep in our minds who we were doing all of this for, and why. The future is in their little hands; we just have to give them the tools…it’s our job,” says Jessica Nyland, Pillager school nurse...more

young girl doing a cartwheelPhysical activity is the best policy in McLeod County

With support from SHIP, Preschools and daycares throughout McLeod County are not only making physical activity a permanent part of their daily routine, they are making it company policy.

Child care providers are looking at their current policies, space and physical activity practices and developing action plans to put permanent changes into place...more

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