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Heart of Many Nations: Heart Attack Prevention and
Response in Native Communities Curriculum

The Heart of Many Nations curriculum was developed by American Indian community members, health care providers and the Minnesota Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Unit to address heart attack disparities.

The curriculum can be presented at community locations, with American Indian community members or health care professionals serving as speakers.

Youth aged 14 and older, and adults, are the intended audience.

The curriculum was written in 2010 and implementation of it has just begun in Minneapolis.

The goal is to expand the curriculum’s use into other communities across the state.

The curriculum’s goals are to:

  • increase Native communities’ awareness of the signs and symptoms of a heart attack
  • increase awareness of the importance of calling 91
  • increase Native communities’ awareness of heart healthy lifestyle practices
  • minimize disabilities and prevent deaths caused by heart attacks

Funding for this initiative was provided by:

  • The American Heart Association
  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Division for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention
  • The Medica Foundation
  • The Minnesota Department of Health, Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Initiative

Significant consultation and cultural expertise for this initiative have been provided by the Greater Minneapolis Council of Churches, Division of Indian Work.

Samples of the curriculum:

Please note: The student's pre- and post-knowledge test is embedded in the Trainer’s Guide.

To learn more about the curriculum, and how to receive technical assistance about implementing the curriculum in your community, please contact:

Sueling Schardin, MPH, RD

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