Strategy 1.1.2: Increase the utilization of smoking cessation services for adolescents and adults.

Strategy from the 2011-2020 Minnesota Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Plan

American Cancer Society
The American Cancer Society offers a search engine on their website for local smoking cessation resources in Minnesota.


CDC - Media Campaign Resource Center (MCRC)
The Media Campaign Resource Center (MCRC) provides tobacco-control organizations with tools for finding, learning about, and ordering CDC-licensed tobacco counter-advertisements. Many of the ads promote cessation. The MCRC collection includes television, radio, print, and out-of-home ads as well as earned media and collateral materials in a variety of formats.


Health Care Homes Program

A "health care home," also called a "medical home," is an approach to primary care in which primary care providers, families and patients work in partnership to improve health outcomes and quality of life for individuals with chronic health conditions and disabilities.

The development of health care homes in Minnesota is part of the health reform legislation passed in 2008. The legislation includes payment to primary care providers for partnering with patients and families to provide coordination of care.

Phone: (651) 201-5421

Health Promotion and Prevention Partnership (HP3)
The HP3 Program is a partnership between Allina and local communities in greater Minnesota and western Wisconsin to promote health through prevention and wellness programs in primary care settings, administered by the George Family Foundation. HP3 will work with 12 communities in Minnesota. Each community will receive $475,000 over three years.

Contact: Gayle Ober
Phone: (612) 377-3356
Contact: Bror Herrick
Phone: (612) 262-5955

MDH - Sage Screening Program The Sage Screening program at MDH collects information on smoking status for all women enrolled in Sage and promotes smoking cessation.  Sage offers smokers enrolled in Sage or living in a Sage household access to free tobacco cessation tools and incentives when transferred through a three-way call from the Sage Call Center to Minnesota's QUITPLAN Helpline.

Contact: Gaylynn Richards
Phone: (651) 201-5632

Medicaid Partnership Project
The purpose of the Medicaid Partnership Project is to help state tobacco control programs increase their knowledge and skills in order to work more effectively with Medicaid programs to increase access and use of benefits and services.

Contact: Wendy Bjornson
(503) 418-1659

QUITPLAN: Minnesota's Tobacco Phone Counseling Programs

All Minnesotans' can take advantage of a stop-smoking program that offers personal support at no cost whether he/she is coved by a health plan or not.

Contact: QUITPLAN Helpline
Website:, for health plan Quitline listings, go to

If you would like to report current activity around this strategy, please contact Sueling Schardin at (651) 201-4051 or


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