Strategies 1.4.1:
Increase the use of aspirin according to evidence-based recommendations for individuals without a history of coronary heart disease or stroke who are at increased risk of ischemic events.

Strategy from the 2011-2020 Minnesota Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Plan

Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services The 10th Scope of Work includes cardiovascular prevention campaign for aspirin.


HealthPartners - Preventive Care Guidelines

HealthPartners' Preventive Care Guidelines include aspirin counseling for men 45-79 and women 55-79.


University of Minnesota - Partners in Prevention: Reducing Heart Attack and Stroke in Minnesota
Partners in Prevention is an evidence-based, guideline-advised, cost-effective, statewide cardiovascular disease prevention program promoting the use of low-dose aspirin to prevent heart attack and stroke in targeted age groups (men age 45-79 and women 55-79). The program proposes to increase the use of low-dose aspirin to reduce the incidence of heart attack and stroke in Minnesota through professional health education, shared media and mass media.

Contact: Karen Miller
(612) 624-5961

If you would like to report current activity around this strategy, please contact Sueling Schardin at (651) 201-4051 or


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