Strategies 2.2.2:
Identify concise, consistent, evidence-based education materials and programs related to signs and symptoms of acute cardiac and stroke events and disseminate, using multiple approaches for health care professionals.

Strategy from the 2011-2020 Minnesota Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Plan

Minnesota Resuscitation Academy
The Minnesota Resuscitation Academy is a 2-day training that provides information on defining existing cardiac arrest data and how to utilize it for improving outcomes; how to develop a plan to increase survival in your community; and how to measure your effectiveness. Sessions include: community education programs, dispatch assisted CPR, BLS/ALS tools and training, high performance CPR, therapeutic hypothermia, innovative hospital initiatives, data collection and more. The target audience includes: EMS and Fire Officers, Medical Directors, Training Officers, Dispatch Centers, and QI Coordinators.

The Academy occurs annually in June. There is no cost to attend. Register on our website or call.

Phone: (612) 626-1382
Website: Minnesota Resuscitation Academy

Minnesota Stroke Partnership
The Minnesota Stroke Partnership (MSP)is a coalition of stroke experts who collaborate to recommend and implement key strategies to reduce the burden of stroke in Minnesota. Their mission is to raise awareness of stroke, promote stroke prevention, and improve systems of stroke care throughout Minnesota.

Hospitals and Professional Education Work Group
Al Tsai
Phone: (651) 201-5413
Website: Minnesota Stroke Partnership

Minnesota Stroke Conference
Sueling Schardin
(651) 201-4051
Minnesota Stroke Partnership

If you would like to report current activity around this strategy, please contact Sueling Schardin at (651) 201-4051 or




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